A Tribute to Ted Irving

by Norma Buckley - October 1999

As some of you already know, Ted Irving recently resigned as head of the Rhododendron Garden renovation project at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific. Under Ted's very capable and enthusiastic leadership, the garden has been transformed.

Over the past four years, extensive drainage work was done, significant soil amending took place and a new garden plan was developed. Entrance steps were built and paths were gravelled. Some plants were sold and new ones, many favouring smallness, fragrance and disease resistance, were purchased. (The plant list is on a database at the HCP.) Most rhodos have been labelled. In 1998, a hosta collection, in memory of Frances Williams, was added to the garden. More hostas have since been planted.

All this has been accomplished primarily on Wednesday mornings with a core group of volunteers, led by Ted. Some financial assistance has come from the VRS.

So when you go out to the HCP, sit on one of the benches in the Rhododendron and Hosta garden, and offer your own tribute to Ted and his crew, who have worked so hard to create such a beautiful spot. Better yet, go out to the HCP on a Wednesday morning and volunteer so the garden can continue to be maintained.

Sincere thanks, Ted, for a job well done.